The New Generation of Work – Connections 2014

Adam Rogers
Chief Technology Officer
Ultimate Software

At Ultimate, we understand that getting the most from your people is a full-time endeavor. After all, every component of our technology team is focused on putting people first in delivering our innovative HR solutions, from maintaining high availability and improving the end-user experience to all of the exciting advancements on our product roadmap.

To provide the level of service and functionality our customers deserve, we channel this focus every day of the year. But next week is special. The Connections conference is an exceptional opportunity for our team to network with the people that rely on UltiPro daily in their professional lives, connect with partners, and unveil our continuing vision for the future of human capital management.

This year, we’ll be hosting 1,500 attendees in Las Vegas for what will undoubtedly be our best conference ever. We’re offering two completely new special-interest session tracks compared to last year, for a total of 11. We've also expanded our popular hands-on learning sessions to encompass three days of the conference to help even more of our customers get the most from UltiPro. Additionally, you’ll notice more Ultimate team members and partners among the Connections staff available to share their knowledge and help make this year’s event an unprecedented success.

Connections 2014 will include the chance to see some of the most exciting keynote speakers we could have hoped for. Jason Dorsey, a.k.a. The Gen Y Guy® will be bringing his generational expertise to the conference stage. He’ll share his insights in managing across the four distinct generations that comprise the workforce of the present and future, with a focus on the secrets of both managing and selling millennials. Jason is hilarious—I’d be shocked if anyone in the ballroom is able to resist laughing out loud by the end of his presentation. Patrick Lencioni is a bestselling author with more than 3 million copies sold of his work on the topics of organizational health and workforce dysfunction. His perspectives on employee engagement and passion for teamwork reflect what Ultimate is all about. Finally, we’ll be lucky enough to hear from Aimee Mullins, a truly inspirational individual who set world records in 100- and 200-meter dash events as well as the long jump despite being outfitted with prosthetic legs her entire life. She’s also the youngest person ever to hold a top-secret clearance at the Pentagon and serves on numerous boards and nonprofits, including the Women’s Sports Foundation.

As always, I’m especially eager to share what my team has in store for the coming year. We’ll be showing off some very cool new UltiPro features and functionality, and I can’t wait to hear what our customers think. Even if you can’t join us this year, be sure to follow all the action on Twitter at #UltiConnect. See you in Vegas!

People-Centric Recruitment and the Millennial Job Seeker - Ultimate Software Teams Up with LinkedIn

Cecile Alper-Leroux
VP Product Strategy & Development
Ultimate Software

Job seekers of the millennial generation are radically different than baby boomer candidates. For one thing, millennials are adept at using all forms of technology when searching for a new job, including social media. They’re also very comfortable applying for job opportunities utilizing smartphones and tablets and will often follow up using creative ways to present and differentiate themselves online.

Considering that members of the millennial generation, also known as gen Y, are actually more likely to communicate via social media than other communication methods, LinkedIn has become a particularly
relevant in recruiting millennials. In an effort to leverage this pervasive professional networking resource in North America, Ultimate Software has teamed up with LinkedIn to simplify the application process for both candidates and our customers.

LinkedInUltimate is now offering customers seamless integration between LinkedIn and its new UltiPro Recruiting solution. This integration empowers candidates to easily and securely apply for opportunities to companies within a matter of seconds using their LinkedIn profile to submit their professional details, endorsements, and job history from LinkedIn to UltiPro in just one click. This saves the candidate from having to slog through a clunky copy-paste scenario and continuously update their resume or CV, and even can eliminate the need to navigate through multiple systems.

In the coming months, Ultimate plans to go beyond the convenience of leveraging LinkedIn profiles with additional integration between the two platforms. This includes plans to allow employers to easily post open opportunities directly from UltiPro to LinkedIn with a simple click. Stay tuned!

Online Presence the Future of Job Hunting

Cecile Alper-Leroux
VP Product Strategy & Development
Ultimate Software

People have long considered the résumé or curriculum vitae to be a requisite, but not well trusted, component of the recruiting experience. While traditional paper-style résumés can be useful in some instances, the incredible pace of change and widespread adoption of the internet and cloud services available to a candidate have begun to limit their usefulness and necessity in finding a new job. Information-rich, easily scannable profiles, online portfolios, or social web presences offer all the raw information of a typical CV in a modular, fully-digital format that more and more companies are relying on during the recruiting lifecycle. Most importantly, a person's online presence generally is more accurate and up-to-date than a résumé that becomes obsolete the moment it is printed or uploaded. In fact, the world’s most popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, as of 2013 no longer officially supports the upload of a résumé file, instead opting to concentrate its users’ data into their social presence accessible in the cloud.

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, future-proof recruiting solutions have already started to leverage the transformation of candidate data by embracing more engaging and fun ways to collect the kind of information traditionally found in a résumé. The application process may ask jobseekers questions about skills, employment history and search criteria in plain English, much like setting up a social media profile, and use the answers to populate reusable fields and establish a candidate presence. This style of collaborative, interactive application beats out static data entry for candidates, and the immediate storage and indexing of people information also tops a traditional résumé upload for employers. Best-in-class solutions will enable applicants to connect to their LinkedIn or other professional or social network profile and immediately populate and tailor relevant data for a particular job opportunity, simplifying the experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers alike.

For a deeper look into the new wave of recruiting best practices, have a look at our whitepaper, Social-Powered Recruiting.