A “People First” Approach to Customer Service

Most of us spend as much time with our co-workers as we do with our families. And just as family relationships influence our behavior, the values of our bosses make an enormous difference in our lives. My CEO, Ultimate’s Scott Scherr, was recently … [Read More...]

Making a Lasting Impact in Just “48 Hours”

Forty-eight hours. For many of us, in the context of our busy, nonstop lives, two days may seem like a minor blip on a much larger radar. For some, however, two days are enough to make a lasting impact. Twice a year at Ultimate Software, we … [Read More...]

Are You Ready for True Workforce Fluidity?

The composition of today’s working population is changing faster than organizations and their policies can react. For the first time in history, five different generations are in the American workforce. Their expectations vary when defining what work … [Read More...]