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At Ultimate Software, we believe companies achieve greatness by putting people first—always. They take care of their people, who take care of their customers, who take care of their own people. It’s an endless cycle of care that inspires and empowers people everywhere to do their best work.

There are countless ways to put #PeopleFirst. That’s why we created this page. Here, you’ll discover what putting people first means to US and our employees—and what it can mean for your people and your business.

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What do we think about #PeopleFirst at Ultimate Software?


Lisa Bloss

Lead Ethnographer

“People First” means my leaders and colleagues trust and support me and my work. I am one of the hundreds of remote employees at Ultimate Software. They trust me to do my work from anywhere and provide me with the tools I need to stay and feel connected to my colleagues.


Sandra Amaya

Strategic Engagement Consultant

In my almost 20-year career at Ultimate, I have always felt that everything I do as an UltiPeep matters. [CEO] Scott built the "People First" culture and with it, he has empowered US to do everything right and keep the main thing being the main thing. This is my second family, and knowing I am part of it makes me responsible to represent our "People First" culture with every interaction I have, not only with clients but with all UltiPeeps. Ultimate takes care of US, we take care of our clients.


Raelynn Williams

Rapid Response Professional

"People First" means we are people to Ultimate. We are not a status. We are not a number. We are people. If I had to explain to a stranger what "People First" means, or give an example, I would simply say, "Ultimate Software."


Joseph Cutrono

Manager of Research

To me, “People First” is at the heart of the UltiFamily. We all strive to make sure that everyone succeeds. This is what gets us up in the morning and drives us to be the best company to work for anywhere.


Mark Reynolds

Senior Manager of Software Engineering

Our “People First” culture is something I get to experience in multiple ways every single week.  Ultimate Software has extended the flexibility to allow me to resolve life situations without fear of losing my job. As a manager, I get to extend this same culture to the teams I manage.