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12 Day of HCM – #11 Global HCM

HCM’s Gone Global
With innovations in technology and the rise of mobile workforces, more and more organizations are operating on a global scale. That includes Ultimate, as this year we opened an office in Singapore, expanding upon our existing international presence in Canada and the U.K.

It’s a fact: HCM’s gone global. While that’s an exciting development, it also brings new challenges. For one, ensuring all employees receive a localized experience no matter where they work or live.

Global HCM, however, doesn’t just affect employees. It’s crucial to understand the unique values, beliefs, and practices of your customers around the world, so your business respects cultures (and obeys laws).

Learn more about effective HCM on a worldwide scale in our post, “Unpacking the ‘Global Customer.’

HCM has become a global entity—impacting organizations, their employees, and their customers everywhere.


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