12 Days of HCM – #2 HCM Analytics

The Future of HCM Analytics

Analytics aren’t just for statisticians anymore. There’s growing buzz for analytics in HCM. Yet, many HR leaders remain hesitant to embrace them; some citing reservations with Big Data.

But research continues to show organizations benefit from using HCM analytics—to help attract, develop, and retain talent, for example—including a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The idea isn’t to replace people with machines, but to combine their powers: knowledge without bias.

Ultimate’s been in the HCM analytics space for years, developing a range of predictive and prescriptive tools that help HR leaders make smarter, data-driven decisions about their people.

For HR leaders embracing analytics in 2016, we predict a more productive year.

#12DaysofHCM Predictive Analytics

A number of organizations have valuable data, though few act upon the information. HCM analytics are key to unlocking these troves.

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