12 Days of HCM – #3 Future Workforce

December 9, 2015      By Ultimate Software

What Gen Y Can Teach HR

This year, Generation Y, also known as millennials, became the largest generation in the workforce. Millennials have arrived—with great expectations—and it’s imperative to understand their impact on today’s multi-generational workplace.

Ultimate recently partnered with The Center for Generational Kinetics to study Gen Y’s feelings about work. Among the more surprising results from our millennials research: a third think it’s okay to text during an interview, and 34% would quit a job if their boss asked them to quit Facebook. But don’t write off millennials as Generation Odd. Almost half found their job online, desire ongoing feedback, and would walk away from an unfulfilling career. Maybe millennials aren’t so different after all.

#12DaysofHCM Millennials

Millennials’ workplace expectations highlight the importance of providing candidates and employees from all generations with engaging HR experiences.

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