10 Places to Find US: 2019 HR Trends Edition

December 18, 2019      By Karina Schultheis

Ultimate Takeaway
  • Our "10 Places to Find US" posts showcase valuable industry thought leadership
  • Key 2019 trends included AI, employment law, D&I, and mental health
  • Learn how customer experience should play a role in your employee experience strategy

Back in 2017, we debuted our “10 Places to Find US” series, designed to showcase some of the most pertinent thought leadership and news in the HR community. In honor of the #12DaysofHCM, we’re thrilled to share this special recap edition of the most talked-about 2019 HR trends and best practices!

  1. Back by popular demand, employment attorney Kate Bischoff returned to present her annual employment law webcast with US. This powerhouse compliance session is always our highest-attended of the year, and 2019’s event was chock-full of need-to-know info about everything from marijuana to overtime threshold changes and preparing for downsizing. If you missed it live, do yourself a favor and watch it on-demand. 2020 is bringing major changes that will impact employers at every level.
  2. Laurie Ruettimann’s Let’s Fix Work podcast plays on repeat around these parts. Earlier this year, her “Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources: The Perfect Symphony with Armen Berjikly” episode discussed the importance of building an AI code of conduct, the red line that tech should never cross, and how sophisticated solutions like UltiPro’s can help people make better decisions and do their jobs more efficiently. Check it out!
  3. Katrina Kibben, founder and CEO of Three Ears Media, built a highly-successful firm dedicated to teaching recruiters to be better communicators and writers. But before embarking on entrepreneurship, she (like most of us) experienced gender bias and inequality. We were honored to feature her alongside Leslie Fisher, senior vice president of human resources and training at Red Roof Inn, Robin Stimac, VP of product management for Ultimate Software, and Rana Stanfill-Hobbs, director of insights at Ultimate Software, for an honest discussion about how to, “Balance for Better: A Women in Leadership Panel.”
  4. Award-winning CEO, consultant, HR influencer and podcast host Joey Price sat down Ultimate’s VP of HCM Innovation, Cecile Alper-Leroux, to discuss the latest research on the benefits of remote work. Recent research shows remote workers aren’t just surviving, they’re thriving—watch the full interview to learn why they’re more likely to be promoted and how tech can bridge the gap.
  5. AI has seemingly limitless potential in the future of work, but as these applications become increasingly sophisticated and widespread there is even greater need for transparency and accountability. Ultimate’s CEO Adam Rogers shares his insights with Forbes on, “The Top Three Considerations for Designing Ethical AI.”
  6. Mental health is a critical issue for both employees and employers that is all too often shrouded in secrecy. Heather Bussing, employment attorney, author, and editor for HRExaminer, spoke intimately with US about her personal mental health experiences, how mental health problems can manifest, how employers can support their people, and tips for employees who may be dealing with mental health illnesses. Trust us, this isn’t to be missed—read her whitepaper or watch our on-demand webcast with Ultimate’s Sr. Director of HCM Innovation, Jarik Conrad.
  7. Ben Eubanks, principal analyst at Lighthouse Research, shared his latest research findings with Karina Schultheis during an exclusive interview at HR Tech. Is AI really better than people at analyzing open-ended survey questions, and if so, what kinds of benefits can we expect? Tune in to learn his findings (or click here for a whitepaper diving deep into the findings).
  8. Countless studies have demonstrated that a strong customer experience (CX) leads to stronger businesses, improving everything from retention and loyalty to revenue growth. In fact, Gartner predicted that 89% of businesses will compete primarily based on CX in 2019. In HR Dive’s, “Employee Experience Equals Customer Experience,” Ultimate’s COO Julie Dodd explains why the first step in developing a competitive CX is prioritizing your employee experience (EX).
  9. Jason Lauritsen, speaker, consultant, and author of “Unlocking High Performance”, is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about employee engagement and experience. Check out his Igniting Employee Engagement video series for insight from him and more than 25 industry thought leaders! In “To Improve Employee Experience, Think Customer Experience”, Jason defines the difference between employee experience and employee engagement, how to create a memorable and enjoyable employee experience, and the critical role HR plays in crafting it.
  10. Serial CEO, board member, and celebrated consultant and author Marylene Delbourg-Delphis knows how to empower organizations to continuously reshape their futures. She firmly believes in creating people-centric organizations, and she’s in good company. In, “From Dissonance to Resonance, Bringing Your People and Organization into Sync: The new mission of HR”, Marylene reviews Cecile Alper-Leroux’s 2019 book and shares her most meaningful takeaways.

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