6 On-Demand 2020 Webcasts to Inspire You Before the New Year

December 18, 2020      By Andrew Taylor

Reflecting on the events of 2020 can be a pretty bleak experience, but it wasn’t all bad was it? This past year also created some pretty great moments, like the merger that brought us UKG, and the more than 1,500 other silver linings that were reported in 2020.

Even in the toughest of times, we all found ways to stay optimistic, hopeful, and inspired. At UKG, staying inspired meant having thoughtful conversations with friends who inspire us to remember our purpose.

Below are six of the most inspirational webcasts that took place this year with remarkable individuals who each gave us unique and fresh perspectives on what matters in work and life.  

A Fireside Chat with Shark Tank’s Daymond John

Costar on ABC’s Shark Tank and legendary branding expert Daymond John joins us to discuss the valuable lessons of this story while highlighting the limitations of business leaders who operate within echo chambers. Watch this webcast for practical takeaways and advice for embracing diversity beyond the traditional meaning, to help bolster your bottom line.

Finding Harmony in Life and Work with Violinist Kai Kight

Join UKG for a thought-provoking conversation and performance with classical violinist-turned-innovative composer Kai Kight. As Kai will tell you, music can be used not only as an escape during this difficult time, but as a guide for us to learn from as we look to redesign our lives and work.

The Changing Modern Workplace with Alex Draper

Watch this complimentary webcast, “The Changing Modern Workplace,” featuring Alex Draper, CEO and founder of DX Learning, a Chicago-based cultural advancement firm dedicated to creating more human workplaces. Discover what biases blind us from empowering remote, diverse, and dispersed teams to thrive, how to maximize the emotional safety of those you work with, and a simple and pragmatic tool called C.A.R.E.™ that you can apply in every facet of your life to maximize engagement.

The Evolving Expectations of the Returning Workforce with Michel Falcon

As businesses begin to reopen, employers will need to not only prepare their business strategies, but also new people strategies. International keynote speaker and author, Michel Falcon joins UKG’s Jarik Conrad in this webcast to discuss Michel’s latest research, Navigating a World of Work, and review the new workplace expectations employees are developing during COVID-19.

Courageous Leadership through Disruption with Cindy Solomon

This inspirational webcast, “Courageous Leadership through Disruption,” features Cindy Solomon, best-selling author, renowned leadership expert, and founder of The Courageous Leadership Institute. Learn relevant techniques and best practices to help you be the most productive, courageous leader you can be, including how to communicate for action, results, and productivity, regardless of your environment; ensure you’re still “seen,” even while working remotely; and emerge from this disruption even better than you were before.

Embracing Gratitude, Perspective, and Self-Awareness with John O’Leary

Leaning on the perspectives of others can help us begin to see what’s on the other side of uncertainty. Things will not be the same as they once were, but what’s next could open our eyes to a world of new and exciting possibilities. Discover a bright and promising vision of the future from the man who expected to die and now teaches others to truly live. Watch this on-demand webcast, “Embracing Gratitude, Perspective, and Self-Awareness,” for a special discussion with national bestselling author and speaker, John O’Leary.

For even more inspirational webcasts in the future, visit UKG.com.

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