5 Visions of a Post-Pandemic Workplace

August 17, 2020      By Andrew Taylor

“What day is it anyway?”

Have you heard that one yet? Quarantine humor has certainly helped us get through these past few months, but maybe now is the time that we begin to look to the future instead.

There’s no crystal ball to tell us exactly what’s on the other side of this pandemic. Thankfully, there are some really smart people with tons of experience between them who can lend us some insights and paint a picture of what work might look like in a post-pandemic world.

Jason Lauritsen

“The residual effect of how organizations are treating people right now will probably color that relationship for years to come. Companies that get culture and strategy wrong in a post-COVID-19 world will have trouble recovering down the road.”

Jason Lauritsen | Keynote Speaker, Author, Adviser and Leadership Trainer

Mollie Lombardi

“Stress is linked to almost every illness and medical condition. It’s also linked to organizational productivity. You can’t afford to have your workers worrying about bills and unpaid medical expenses. It will wreck your business down the road. Now is the time to consider robust benefits packages and on-demand ways to pay your workers.”

Mollie Lombardi | Researcher, Writer, Speaker, and HCM Consultant

Mary Faulkner

“I think you’ll see a greater shift towards including financial health as part of the benefits package. This was happening before the pandemic. Benefits providers partnered with financial firms or third-party intermediaries to provide a dashboard and resources for employees.”

Mary Faulkner | Talent Strategist, Author, and Business Leader

Karina Schultheis

“Are your people ready to come back to the office? Ask them. If cuts are inevitable, would they prefer salary decreases or layoffs? Ask them. We’re all in this together, and the most successful employers will take this opportunity to be as transparent and collaborative as possible, even—especially—when hard decisions must be made.”

Karina Schultheis | Manager of Human Insights and HCM Evangelism at Ultimate Software

Laurie Ruettimann

“Don’t wait for another pandemic to define how work happens at your company. Tackle this now so you can do the work of reinforcing a healthy culture and leveraging a people-first agenda during the next crisis.”

Laurie Ruettimann | Writer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Want even more glimpses into the future? Download The Way Forward: A Look at Post-Crisis Work Life by Laurie Ruettimann for more insights.


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