The Power of API Integration and HCM: Less Time Managing, More Time Strategizing

November 15, 2017      By Adam Rogers

api integration and hcmAs an HR practitioner, you may not be intimately familiar with how application programming interfaces (APIs) work, but you’re certainly interacting with them. The information shared between applications is how you can find a restaurant on Facebook and immediately get directions through another application, such as Google Maps, or read its recent reviews on Yelp. Well-developed APIs increase convenience, save time, and maximize what’s possible when compared with a single application’s capacity. They completely transform our app experience and are cornerstones of popular consumer technology.

API Integration and HCM

Most organizations use multiple products as part of their HCM strategy. UltiPro is a unified solution encompassing everything from human resources to payroll to talent management, but our customers frequently need to exchange data with external systems they use to operate their businesses. APIs present the perfect opportunity to streamline this process, and I’m thrilled to announce the release of UltiPro Connect, our new integration ecosystem that empowers our customers and partners to tailor their UltiPro experiences to meet their evolving business needs.

Essentially, UltiPro Connect is engineered to simplify, standardize, and automate UltiPro integrations with third-party solutions or services. The benefits extend for our partners, who can easily build integrations between their solutions and UltiPro, as well as our customers, who can browse pre-existing integrations or build one themselves. Data flows freely (and securely) between UltiPro and other connected API systems.

The result? You spend less time managing shared information on disparate systems, and more time leveraging that information to support your strategic initiatives.

How it Works

Like everything else in life, for API integration and HCM, quality matters. The development process and architectural framework used will dictate how easy to use and effective these integrative solutions are.

We announced UltiPro Connect during HR Tech last month, and for its initial rollout, we are focused on helping our partners develop the best app-to-app integrations possible. With access to sample code, comprehensive articles, fully functional sandboxes, and our API Explorer (which enables developers to actually interact with the APIs instead of viewing static documents), our partners have everything they need to create, test, and tailor their API integrations before releasing them on the UltiPro Connect marketplace. As part of our constant commitment to quality, Ultimate will review and test each API integration before publishing it for customer use.

Access to UltiPro Connect is free for customers and enables them to browse, research, and filter the partner apps and services to find ones that best accommodate their business needs. Alternatively, customers can easily build their own custom integrations, drawing from the extensive information, simplified framework, and established community support available.

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