How the Candidate Experience Impacts the Talent Experience – #PeopleFirstPodcast Episode 5

September 24, 2016      By Ultimate Software

Only “13% of workers are engaged in their work,” says Sarah Brennan, former founder and principle analyst at Accelir. “Why?” HR professionals regularly ask. One often-overlooked reason is a bad candidate experience, says Sarah, who believes the candidate experience is just one piece of a larger talent experience. She also notes that, “organizations are spending $1 billion on turnover costs.” That’s why positive candidate experiences and honest employer brands are essential to organizations, and why non-HR senior executives should care about the candidate experience. 

Listen now to the #PeopleFirstPodcast – Episode 5: Improving the Candidate Experience.

With today’s employer market really in the hands of job candidates, it’s important for organizations to realize that “40% of applicants drop out of a process of applying for a job because they dislike a company’s candidacy process,” says Martin Hartshorne, Ultimate Software’s vice president of products. That’s why organizations everywhere work to “always relentlessly improve the candidate experience,” he says. How? Martin’s three tips:

1.      Don’t waste people’s time

2.      Provide a personalized experience

3.      Make it really easy to get all the basics covered

In this episode of the #PeopleFirstPodcast, both Martin and Sarah detail the importance technology and metrics plays in the recruiting processes. They suggest organizations must offer a a recruiting experience to make the recruiting process simple, quick, and accessible to people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Technology can also assist in measuring the candidate experience with more direct metrics like Net Promoter Score, and even more subtle measures such as turnover rates, promotions, quality or customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Learn more about the candidate experience, why HR and non-HR leaders should care, how the candidate experience impacts the business bottom line, and how recruiting solutions and other technologies can help organizations measure and improve the candidate experience—all in the latest episode.

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Want to learn how the candidate experience can play a role in long-term retention? Read this Recruiting Daily article from Ultimate’s Chief Technology Officer, Adam Rogers.

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  1. Avatar Beth on October 18, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Yes! It’s amazing how far being honest and kind can get you, especially in recruitment. Potential talent does care about salary, benefits, and all that, but it will really seal the deal if the application process is enjoyable. That’s hard to find these days! And that usually leads to employee longevity. If anyone wants a “paper”-copy of how to win the candidate experience, this is a good one I’ve found:

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