“Culture.” What’s in a Word? — #12DaysofHCM

December 17, 2018      By Ultimate Software

Culture. It’s likely one of the most talked about topics in HR and organizational psychology alike. Often regarded as the silver bullet to end your business woes, “culture” alone isn’t an answer. After all, every organization has a culture. The real question is what kind of culture exists at your organization?

If you’re familiar with Ultimate Software as a brand, you’ve likely heard the words “People First” sprinkled within our messaging—and that’s on purpose. Not only is it our cultural tag line, it’s our sole mission. Although Ultimate Software creates incredible human capital management (HCM) solutions and services, the aim is to simply empower organizations to put their people first—technology just happens to be the messenger.

So, how does technology help to create a people-first culture? That’s something we can show you better than we can tell you. Click here to access our interactive guide to putting your people first with the help of Ultimate Software’s UltiPro®.

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Be(ing) the Best

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