Customer Service Dissatisfaction is Still the #1 Cause of HCM Regret

December 19, 2019      By Julie Dodd

Ultimate Takeaway
  • 85% of HCM purchasers said they regretted their choice of HCM provider in 2019
  • The #1 reason cited was dissatisfaction with customer service
  • Several considerations can help ensure you find a provider as committed to your success as you are

At Ultimate Software, we are dedicated to monitoring and staying ahead of industry trends, which is why we frequently partner with leading research firms to glean insights into the biggest issues facing HR practitioners. Back in 2016, we commissioned Kelton Global to determine the impact of customer service quality on HCM technology satisfaction (and HCM regret).

The results were staggering: fully 7 out of 10 HR decision makers reported regretting their HCM provider choice, and the primary reason they cited was poor customer service. Additionally, 62 percent of buyers concluded that customer service is as important or more important than product functionality, and 71 percent said they wished they had spent more time researching their providers’ service.

Increasing Dissatisfaction in Customer Service

Unfortunately, we reconducted this survey in 2019 and found that HR decision-makers today are actually more likely to report customer service challenges and dissatisfaction than they were just three years ago. In fact, 85% of HCM purchasers said they regretted their choice of HCM provider in 2019, with inadequate customer service being the primary source of frustration. Additionally, significantly more people are now experiencing major customer service issues, such as poor implementation experiences and inadequate partnerships and consulting services.

High training costs were also cited as a barrier to success, with two-thirds of HR decision makers reporting paying an average of $9,474 simply to learn how to use the software.

Tips to Avoid HCM Regret

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take during your HCM research to ensure you choose a provider who values your time and investment as much as you do. Be sure to consider and research the following:

How does this vendor rate in terms of customer service satisfaction?

Half of decision makers place equal importance on product functionality and service, and decision makers are 56% more likely today than they were in 2016 to say customer service is more important than product functionality.

What does this customer service look like?

Are there both self-service options and reliable 24/7 support to speak with an actual person? Is dealing with multiple different customer service reps typical, or will I have a dedicated representative who is knowledgeable and committed to my case?

Does this feel like a true partnership?

Will I have access to a plethora of resources and consulting opportunities to help me make the most of our investment? How much emphasis is placed on maintaining our relationship long-term?

What does the training process look like?

Is there adequate training and resources to ensure effective adoption, user confidence, and productivity? Is training complimentary or is there a fee attached?

Are current customers satisfied with the implementation process?

How straightforward is the implementation process, and much will data migration cost? Close to two-thirds of leaders experiences a variety of implementation challenges with their current provider, including inadequate communication, costly and inaccurate data migration, and lack of transparency.

At Ultimate, our customers are partners—for life. Our innovative service offerings continue to impact best practices, training is always free, and we listen closely to our customers and quickly act on any and all feedback. We ensure our customers are getting the most out of their investment and we keep our relationships strong. In the past year alone, we’ve incorporated more than 300 customer ideas into UltiPro and our services offerings—and our 95 percent customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

Click here to learn more about the growing service divide, and how you can protect yourself and your company from HCM regret.

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