Customer Service Week 2019: Optimizing Customer Experience

October 10, 2019      By Julie Dodd

Ultimate Takeaway
  • 89% of businesses expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience
  • Today's customers expect 24/7 service and multi-channel availability
  • Quickly incorporating feedback into product, prioritizing personalization, and building strategic relationships are key to nurturing and retaining loyal customers

Happy Customer Service Week!

This week celebrates the importance of customer service while also providing organizations with an excuse to honor their service representatives. At Ultimate Software, taking care of people is our core business philosophy, so this week also serves as a reminder for us to constantly seek innovation and improvement when it comes to our service offerings and how we take care of our customers.

The Customer Experience Imperative

Several years ago, Gartner reported that 89% of businesses expected to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience (CX). Kelton Research certainly confirmed this in the HCM space this year, when it reported that poor service was the #1 cause of vendor regret among HR decision-makers.

Quick, seamless, and positive customer service experiences are integral to fostering sustainable customer partnerships. But as customers across industries become more discerning, these fundamental basics are no longer enough.

Customers expect 24/7 service and the ability to connect through a variety of channels, including email, phone, chat, and text. Technological advances make always-on service feasible, but in a world where exceptional customer service is the goal, organizations must seek more innovative opportunities to truly differentiate themselves.

The Power of Partnership

At Ultimate Software, we regularly seek opportunities to partner with our customers and solicit their feedback, including focus groups, roundtables, and surveys. We also have an online community portal that enables customers to connect with each other, our partners, and our team members—while we simultaneously collect valuable feedback about all their experiences.

I strongly believe in fostering personalized partnerships between customers and account representatives. We assign every customer both a dedicated lead account manager and an executive relationship manager to proactively monitor their long-term strategy, success, and satisfaction. These relationships are certainly central to our industry-leading customer satisfaction rankings.

When customer experience overtakes product functionality as an organization’s key differentiator, delighting your customers is a foundational imperative. Building agile, innovative teams who quickly incorporate feedback into product, prioritize personalization, and build strategic relationships are key to nurturing and retaining loyal customers.

In an industry saturated with service issues, we are proud of our 95% customer satisfaction rate. Our customer service teams help us foster partners for life—and this week is for them.

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