Diversity, Equality, and Belonging

December 10, 2019      By Cara Pelletier

Ultimate Takeaway
  • There’s a renewed focus on diversity, equality, and belonging in the workplace
  • In 2019, Ultimate Software launched “U Belong” to help ensure all employees feel comfortable bringing their whole, authentic selves to work
  • We established a multi-year partnership with Disability:IN, the world’s leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion

Throughout 2019, we saw a renewed focus on diversity, equality, and belonging in the workplace. While companies are continuing to embrace the value of diversity to improve their business, there are still critical steps that need to be taken to ensure full equality for all people at work.

In the coming year, and well beyond, it is up to all of us—not just HR, but every one of us—to take meaningful action to help create change, so we can prevent diversity, equality, belonging and inclusion from becoming the industry’s latest buzzwords.

Diversity, Equality, and Belonging Programs

This year at Ultimate Software, we launched our “U Belong” program, dedicated to ensuring all employees are comfortable bringing their whole, authentic selves to work. U Belong builds upon the foundations and principles of our longstanding diversity practices, working with leaders and employees across the company to develop a comprehensive diversity program and support system.

U Belong also hosts a variety of events and workshops throughout the year to raise awareness and further educate employees about individuals with disabilities, seen and unseen. This includes such programs as a panel discussion about “Life on the Autism Spectrum,” as well as a series of events in October surrounding National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Are You Familiar with Disability Equality Indexes?

We were also extremely proud to be named a top-scoring company on the Disability Equality Index and also establish a multi-year partnership with Disability:IN, the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. We have already made a number of accessibility enhancements for our current (and future) employees, as well as our customers using UltiPro and visiting our company website.

At Ultimate, we are committed to putting all people first. We believe businesses succeed when all individuals are respected, all voices are heard, and all employees have the support and resources necessary to thrive as professionals and people.

As we move into 2020, consider what you are doing—and what still needs to be done—to ensure a better experience for all employees. Discover the great organizations already committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Connect with us to learn more about the ways we can improve work life for people—together.

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