The Business Case for UltiPro Perception at SPS Companies, Inc.

June 6, 2018      By Ultimate Software

by Corey Kephart, VP of HR, SPS Companies, Inc.

drivers of employee engagementAt SPS, we have thrived for 80 years by maximizing value in our business and by investing in our people. When we selected UltiPro for our human capital management in 2016, we found a platform that would do both—help us save costs and increase productivity, and elevate our employees’ work experience.

When I discovered UltiPro Perception in 2017, I saw endless opportunities to harness value from the tool and drive transformational change in our organization. The business case for UltiPro Perception is clear: if we can understand the drivers of employee engagement, we can make the right investments to boost engagement, and these investments will lead to better business results. I was excited to get started, and we launched UltiPro Perception in about two weeks.

To date, we have used UltiPro Perception to power surveys on almost 20 topics, such as benefits, engagement, and leadership development, through more than 30 surveys overall. Our ability to receive instant feedback through the solution has helped our leaders take action quickly, and be responsive to the needs of our employees.

Beyond the ability to impact organizational performance, my favorite part of UltiPro Perception has been the positive response and genuine enthusiasm from decision makers at SPS, from the chairman and the CEO, down to the senior managers that oversee our different facilities. They often describe the UltiPro Perception reports as the best resource they have ever seen from an HR department, and I take great pride in the ability to provide this level of value.


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