Is Emotional Intelligence Standing Between You & Career Success?

December 27, 2018      By Andrew Taylor

You may have heard us talk about emotional intelligence (EI) in the past. It’s mysterious. It’s catchy. And as it turns out, it’s an extremely valuable skill to have at work.

Emotionally intelligent managers make more money

You read that right. Your ability to understand yourself and others can translate into actual dollars. Don’t believe me? Believe the numbers. One study found that the most emotionally intelligent professionals earned roughly $29,000 more each year than others. We’ll place our bet on emotionally intelligence any day.

Emotionally intelligent managers have higher retention rates

The fact of the matter is that most employees who leave an organization aren’t leaving the organization at all. It’s more likely that they’re leaving a bad manager—which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of emotionally intelligent leadership. Although 75% of managers say they care about the wellbeing of their employees, 47% of employees don’t believe this to be true. This gap between managerial intention and employee perception demonstrates a clear miscommunication—one that can be solved by injecting more emotionally intelligence into our day-to-day lives.

Emotionally intelligent managers are more engaging

Leaders who exhibit a high level of emotional intelligence create a work environment centered around trust—allowing employees to be their authentic selves at the workplace. Freed from the pressure of maintaining a buttoned-up façade, these employees can spend even more time focused on the task at hand. Applying more focus to their roles and business objectives albeit ensures a more engaged and innovative workforce.

But how do I raise my emotional intelligence?

Those three benefits are great, but the fact still remains: professionals won’t be able to enjoy these benefits without putting in the work to become more emotionally intelligent leaders. That begins with education.

To learn even more benefits of emotionally intelligent leadership, and uncover some exercises you can implement to get there, read our full whitepaper on EI here.

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