Do You Need Your Manager? Surprising Research Findings – #12DaysofHCM

December 19, 2017      By Ultimate Software

You’ve heard the adage, “People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” But what if your manager didn’t exist?

In a new national survey of more than 2,000 U.S. workers, a shocking 80% said they could do their jobs without their managers. Surprisingly, employees who were managers themselves were even more likely to say this than employees with no direct reports! This statistic echoes other research findings, revealing a striking disconnect between how well managers think they’re doing in their roles, and what their employees think.

Conducted by Ultimate Software and The Center for Generational Kinetics, this cross-generational study confirmed that the employee-manager relationship is the #1 driver of satisfaction at work, significantly impacting both performance and tenure. And, while the study verifies the detriments of poor workplace relationships, the good news is that employees recognize and appreciate great bosses—more than half said they’d turn down a 10% pay increase to stay with a great boss.

So, what does it all mean for today’s organizations? Tune in to our webcast on Tuesday, January 23, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time to hear Adam Rogers, Ultimate’s chief technology officer, and Jason Dorsey, president and co-founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics, discuss the surprising results of this study and effective steps managers can take to close the growing divide.

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