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Ultimate Software’s New Integration with Google’s Cloud Identity

Keeping up with ever-changing employee information—such as when new hires join your company or when employees get promoted, change roles, or depart from the organization—can be challenging for HR. Changes need to be made consistently and efficiently across multiple systems in order to keep employees productive and connected to the various apps they use every day.

Ultimate Software is excited to announce that we are one of Google Cloud Identity’s first human capital management (HCM) partners, as Cloud Identity has unveiled its System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration. This integration enables our customers to unite their HR/Identity solutions, simplifying user lifecycle management. As employee identities and attributes are created in UltiPro®, they are synced with Cloud Identity using the SCIM standard. In addition, when employee changes occur in UltiPro, they are sent to Cloud Identity, allowing for greater data integrity and security protection while reducing duplicate data workflows.

Through an automatic provisioning process between UltiPro and Cloud Identity, employees will always have access to the apps they need to perform their jobs, while automatic de-provisioning will ensure company data and resources remain secure. As a result, teams can focus on their work and organizations can easily manage employees’ identities as people join, move, or leave.

To learn more about Cloud Identity, visit https://cloud.google.com/identity.