5 Guides and Reports to Wish HR a Happy New Year

December 22, 2020      By Andrew Taylor

As we all prepare to head into the New Year, it’s natural to take a look back at the year we had. We reflect on all the events that have occurred up until this point, but more importantly we use it as valuable experience that will help inform how we’ll prepare for the year coming.

Below is a curated list of eBooks, whitepaper, and reports that take our recent past into account in order to make predictions for HR and the world of work in 2021.

The Future of HR Jobs: 5 Emerging Roles to Looks Out For

The events of 2020 shed light on the incredible breadth of responsibilities that falls under HR’s purview. The workplace and the workforce will continue to change in 2021, and HR will play a significant role in managing that change, while maintaining employees’ trust. These five roles may be the next evolution of the HR profession to help usher in a new era of work.

Our Year of Opportunity: 2021 Annual Workplace Predictions

The Workforce Institute at UKG today released its annual predictions of the top trends that will impact the global workforce in 2021. “2020’s legacy will be one of immense disruption, but following disruption always comes the opportunity to refocus and reinvent. 2021 will be a year of recovery, rebuilding, and reimagining what the future of work can look like,” says Dr. Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, executive director, The Workforce Institute at UKG.

The Complete Playbook for HR Technology During Times of Crisis

Crisis management for HR relies on the ability to implement repeatable, technology-based processes that prevent the same issues being addressed all over again when the next crisis hits. Use this guide to learn how to use your HCM system to keep front-line employees safe, help remote employees stay connected, and support your business.

Trust in the Modern Workplace

Trust in the Modern Workplace is based on a global survey of nearly 4,000 employees and business leaders in 11 countries. Commissioned by The Workforce Institute at UKG and conducted by Workplace Intelligence, the report examines the current state of trust—especially between employees and leaders—and the opportunities organizations can create by making trust a foundational element of their employee experience.

The Way Forward: A Look at Post-Crisis Work Life

The workforce as we knew it has changed forever. Laurie Ruettimann, author and host of the podcast Punk Rock HR takes a deep dive exploring what the future of work is going to look like when it comes to the types of remote work, new policy initiatives, and so much more. She also brings in expert advice from her friends and HR leaders on how companies can handle different areas of work.

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