You Should Be at the HR Tech Virtual Conference Right Now. Here’s Why.

October 27, 2020      By Andrew Taylor

Ultimate Takeaway
  • The HR Technology Conference begins today, and it's now virtual.
  • HR Tech is also free to attend this year, making its value more accessible than ever before.
  • UKG will be present at a number of sessions and events to discuss technology that reflects the true connection between life and work.

Attending is Easier Than Ever

Professional conferences are absolute game-changers when it comes to advancing your education, expanding your network, and staying on the cutting edge of what’s new in your field. There’s just been one drawback in the past for many of us — we actually need to go to the conference, and there can be barriers to making that happen.

If you’ve been to in-person conferences in the past, you know the drill. First, you’ll need to make sure you can step away from work for a few days. Then, it’s time to purchase your conference pass. And lastly, the costs of travel and lodging — a sometimes hefty cost depending on how far you’ll need to travel.

So, what do I mean by “it’s too easy to miss?” Well, all of those barriers we just explored are completely gone this year for HR Tech 2020 attendees. As most events this year have gone virtual to promote social distancing, travel costs — often the biggest barrier of entry to conference attendance — are a non-factor for the time being. And to make things even better, HR Tech Virtual is entirely free to attend this year.

UKG Will Be There… Virtually, Of Course

Not long ago, we shared with you the exciting news that Kronos and Ultimate Software merged and found a new brand name to share with the world. And with that, UKG was entered the HR and workforce management technology sphere. The HR Tech Virtual Conference is the perfect opportunity to take a look at how our combined efforts have made our solutions even better than before.

While visiting our digital booth at HR Tech 2020, you’ll have a chance to speak with our partners about how our solutions have changed. If you really want to see UKG Pro and UKG Ready in action, you can also sign up for a live demonstration.

You Can Still Register

HR Tech Virtual might be free this year, but you’ll miss out on all of that great value if you don’t register. It all begins today, so be sure to head on over and get in on the action.

While you’re exploring everything that HR Tech Virtual 2020 has to offer, be sure to check out UKG for more information about how our people-driven HR and workforce management technology will transform your business with a truly connected global workforce experience — delivered through resilient and mindful HR technology.

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