HR Technology Expectations of Different Generations in the Workforce

February 27, 2015      By Adam Rogers

In cooperation with Jason Dorsey and the Center for Generational Kinetics, Ultimate Software is thrilled to bring you the results of groundbreaking new research into the impact that new generations are having on the workforce. The research reviews both surprising findings about generational differences in the workforce and their expectations for HR technology, as well as how the adoption of consumer mobile and social technologies is changing the expectations of the entire workforce regardless of generation.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the fastest-growing generation at work and the largest generation in history with nearly 80 million individuals. Growing up in the heart of the Internet age, Millennials have a unique and intrinsic relationship with technology that they bring with them into the office, and leveraging this dynamic is more important to managing your employees than ever: businesses need to adapt to changing expectations from all employees for transparency and speed.

Our national research dives into the present and future workforce by viewing Millennials through the context of the other generations in the workforce. Three or four generations working side by side has resulted in unprecedented office dynamics for managers, and it’s time to take action. By surveying a broad cross-section of Americans 18 or older who are either currently employed or looking for work, we’ve created a powerful lens through which executives, managers, HR professionals and entrepreneurs can analyze the generational challenges in the labor force.

This fascinating research shows shocking disparities between generations in regular habits in the office and during the job search process, and uncovers potent workplace trends fueled by Millennials, especially in recruiting, communication, and the use of mobile devices. The results also paint a picture of the new workforce realities taking shape across the country. Most importantly, we offer specific, concrete steps your organization can take to apply these findings and create a workplace that bridges the generational divide.

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