Key Considerations for Creating Compelling E-Learning Content

December 15, 2019      By Andrew Taylor

Ultimate Takeaway
  • Comprehensive training programs can produce 218% higher revenue per employee
  • Reusing existing e-learning content will save you tons of time—even if you have to make some tweaks to suit your needs
  • E-learning is more than just training people to perform a task. It’s empowering employees with the information they need to make your business better

As you’re putting together e-learning content for your organization, try leveraging these tips to create some truly remarkable results.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Before we jump into the winning strategies for creating new e-learning courses, we have to talk about the value in leveraging existing content first. Creating new learning content isn’t always the best course of action (pun totally intended).

Your Learning Management System (LMS) should have a library of existing content that you can string into your own development strategy. Topics like conflict resolution or best practices for communicating with colleagues can be fairly standard across the board. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when someone’s already done the heavy lifting for you.

Put Yourself in Your Students’ Shoes

When you’re creating your stellar e-learning content, keeping your audience in mind is just as important as your focus on the educational goal. The information you craft for your employees could be extremely comprehensive, but you run the risk of it all being lost in translation if you can’t meet them where they’re at.

Asking yourself these guiding questions can keep you on track while you’re creating new content:

  • Which stage of the learning journey are they in?
  • Is there a required course before or after this one?
  • Is this part of a larger learning track or strategy?
  • Did this employee opt-in for this course, or was it required?
  • How should an employee feel after completing this course?

Adopt a Development Mindset When Training Employees

When you think about “training employees” it’s easy to think that your e-learning courses are just there to provide some information and that’s it. You can train employees how to use their email, request PTO, or complete any task—but your e-learning content can be leveraged to spark innovative ideas throughout your company.

Try shifting your mindset to one of “developing talent” instead. You are empowering employees with information they can use to maximize the efforts of the entire organization. And knowledge truly is the gift that keeps on giving. According to eLearning Industry, comprehensive training programs can produce 218% higher revenue per employee.

Develop your new e-learning content with the right mindset to unlock full potential of your organization’s talent.

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