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Kickstart Engagement for Your New Hires

Engagement, or lack thereof, is increasingly cited as one of the most common reasons that talented people leave their jobs. In fact, less than one-third of employees in the workforce describe themselves as “engaged” in their work (not positions). So why not change the equation by making employees feel valued by helping them unlock their true potential at work?! With all the logistical challenges of onboarding, many organizations forget that the engagement process begins on or even before a new hire’s first day of work.

The companies with the highest levels of employee engagement all recognize that creating a strong, positive first impression is critical toward forging a lasting collaborative relationship in which employees can discover, unlock and fulfill their potential over and over in the work place.  And because close to 35% of new employees quit within 6 months of their start date, you need to keep onboarding simple and straightforward, eliminating the day-one clichés that bore new employees. The result is that you’ll have passionate, productive team members from day one!

Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re letting your new hires know how valuable they are:

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