What Would You Do With 87 Percent More Free Time at Work?

December 20, 2019      By Andrew Taylor

Ultimate Takeaway
  • Lighthouse Research & Advisory used sentiment analysis technology to cut the three-week job of sorting and processing employee feedback down to just two days.
  • Using this technology netted them a whopping 87% more time in their day—35 hours of a standard 40-hour work week!
  • We asked readers what they would do with 87% more time in their days. Here's what they said.

On this final day of the #12DaysofHCM, we bring you the gift of more free time at work.

Recently, Lighthouse Research & Advisory studied survey responses from 1,000 employees. With the help of some cutting-edge technology, the data science team was able to analyze all that text (open-ended responses too) in just two days—a job that was expected to take three weeks. So, that got us thinking.

What would you do with more free time at work?

87% more time is pretty nuts when you think about it. In one eight-hour work day, you’d get about seven hours of your time back! That’s just about 35 hours of free time in a 40-hour work week. So, what do you do with all that newfound free time?

We decided to use our free time to ask you that very same question! Here’s what you had to say:

Spend it with our loved ones, giving back to the society.


— Sazali Mohammed Ali, Associate Consultant at Assurity Trusted Solutions Pte Ltd (GovTech)

Start doing the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest.


— Andrea Williams, HRIS Analyst at CHAS Health

Be strategic like we are supposed to be!


— Brandi Linden MSM, PHR, SHRM-CP, CAA, LP

I smell a 4-day work week in the works!


— Raymond Lee, Engineering

This Isn’t Sci-Fi

Having 87% more free time isn’t just for data scientists. Using smart HCM solutions can save you time in your day right now.

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