National Payroll Week

September 6, 2016      By Ultimate Software

Happy National Payroll Week! National Payroll Week celebrates America’s 150 million wage earners and the payroll professionals who pay them. Through the payroll withholding system, we contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $2.2 trillion – that’s 67% of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue.

To recognize National Payroll Week, we asked a few of our favorite industry thought leaders why they feel payroll is so important. We’d love to hear why it’s important to you! Tell us in the comments below.

“While employees want to feel connected to their work and have purpose, the bottom line is that it doesn’t mean anything if their pay isn’t correct. Payroll is a big responsibility that often gets overlooked, but it’s the most visible scorecard that employees have for knowing their worth to an organization. Payroll’s ability to get the numbers right is key in building credibility and trust with employees.” – Mary Faulkner, Surviving Leadership

“Payroll is important, which sounds obvious. What isn’t always obvious is how important it may be. I’ve worked with senior leaders who forget to pick up their paychecks, so payroll isn’t critical in their minds. I’ve also worked with others where, if their check is off by a few dollars, will rage. And I get it – if you’re just getting by, financially speaking, the last thing you want is someone messing with your money.” – Victorio Milian, Creative Chaos HR

“From an HR perspective, payroll is one of those things that people don’t think about much unless something goes wrong. Therefore, I strongly prefer that payroll not hit the radar of my employees but think of it as a reliable and friendly service.” – Brad Galin, Roller Coaster HR

“Payroll is so important to HR for many reasons, but the number one reason is probably because of the integral role payroll plays in supporting the people of our organizations.” – Kristina Minyard, HR Pockets

Thank you to all the hard working payroll professionals that keep our businesses running. Please visit Ultimate Software’s blog later this week for more on National Payroll Week! In the meantime, visit the National Payroll Week’s Facebook page to enter their daily #PayrollWeek contest.

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