Never Underestimate the Power of Your HCM and Payroll Software

December 27, 2012      By Ultimate Software

As the payroll administrator at Pekin Insurance, UltiPro has fundamentally transformed the way I interact with our employees. With all their personal information at their fingertips, Ultimate Software has enabled us to revolutionize the way we do business with our internal customers—our employees.

UltiPro is efficient. Uploading files to the Payroll Gateway for bonuses and deductions has never been so streamlined and intuitive. Turnaround time is amazing: finishing payroll on Tuesday puts money in our employees’ accounts by Thursday.

UltiPro is helpful. In addition to the multiple help and learning aids embedded in the software, there is a Rapid Response Hotline that is always available for those crucial moments.

UltiPro is personal. We can always rely on our dedicated Account Manager, Ingrid, for a quick and knowledgeable response. The tax team has been dedicated to working out any issues that have occurred. Payroll reconciliations are completed efficiently due to the reporting available to me. When I need help, my dedicated Ultimate representatives are there for me.

When we made the decision to switch to UltiPro, I never could have imagined the immense difference it has made to my life on an everyday basis.


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