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Partnering for a More Inclusive Tech Industry in 2019

The technology industry is at the helm of innovation and forward-thinking initiatives. From basement-run incubators to aspirational open-source computing, technology is fueled both by dreams of “what if” and a passion for change. Attend any tech conference and you’ll overhear discussions on how to reverse climate change, shatter societal limitations, and establish a future of what could be.

But there’s also a stark reality of inequity within the industry. Despite the collective push towards a better future, many tech organizations are limited by rampant inequality.

Calling All Female Technologists

Even with growing media attention on the underrepresentation of women in tech, there’s been little headway in increasing female prevalence within tech companies. Women make up just 28 percent of proprietary software jobs, and only a quarter of IT jobs are filled by women. What’s worse, about half of these women leave at the peak of their careers, drastically reducing female retention and upward mobility.

There’s no easy solution, as the issue stems from complicated issues that are deeply rooted (both consciously and unconsciously) in business practices. But there’s been a major push toward a more inclusive tech industry, and tech companies are more than capable of changing the narrative by committing to change, recognizing biases in recruiting, holding themselves accountable, and prioritizing an inclusive culture.

 Community outreach and events also play a pivotal role when it comes to changing the gender parity narrative. Major strides toward a more inclusive workplace occur when we walk the path together.

2019 Events and Partnerships

At Ultimate Software, we’re proud to partner with various organizations dedicated to elevating the role of women in tech and increasing female representation. In addition to nonprofit community programs such as Girls Who Code and The Crockett Foundation, we also collaborate with various professional organizations.

We’re honored to support the ngAtlanta Foundation, which shares our mission to develop a diverse and inclusive software industry by paving the way for female technologists. The foundation helps develop underrepresented individuals through training programs, technical conferences, internships, and partnering with other nonprofits that directly serve those individuals. While the foundation is relatively new, it’s already made a profound difference in the lives of many.

In 2019, ngAtlanta will provide 200 full scholarships to its flagship ngAtlanta conference; sponsor 75 ngGirls attendees; offer up to 20 full-time paid internships of at least three months in length; grant 10 developer boot-camp scholarships; and provide multiple mentorship opportunities with successful tech-industry professionals.

Consider joining Ultimate at the 2019 ngAtlanta conference, and be sure to stop by our recruiting booth to ask about open opportunities. Ultimate will also be represented onstage: employees Tariq King, Maham Boghani, and Mike Brocchi will be speaking and/or leading workshops during the event.

Other can’t-miss gatherings for women technologists include the Grace Hopper Celebration (where we’ll also be recruiting), the Women in Tech Summit, and Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit. These events provide great opportunities for learning, networking, and celebrating. They remind us that we’ve come a long way—but there’s still a long way to go.

The movement toward gender parity in tech is well underway. Jump in and join us!