People-Centric Recruitment and the Millennial Job Seeker: Ultimate & LinkedIn

March 14, 2014      By Cecile Alper-Leroux

Job seekers of the millennial generation are radically different than baby boomer candidates. For one thing, millennials are adept at using all forms of technology when searching for a new job, including social media. They’re also very comfortable applying for job opportunities utilizing smartphones and tablets and will often follow up using creative ways to present and differentiate themselves online.

Considering that members of the millennial generation, also known as gen Y, are actually more likely to communicate via social media than other communication methods, LinkedIn has become a particularly relevant in recruiting millennials. In an effort to leverage this pervasive professional networking resource in North America, Ultimate Software has teamed up with LinkedIn to simplify the application process for both candidates and our customers.

People-Centric Recruitment and the Millennial Job SeekerUltimate is now offering customers seamless integration between LinkedIn and its new UltiPro Recruiting solution. This integration empowers candidates to easily and securely apply for opportunities to companies within a matter of seconds using their LinkedIn profile to submit their professional details, endorsements, and job history from LinkedIn to UltiPro in just one click. This saves the candidate from having to slog through a clunky copy-paste scenario and continuously update their resume or CV, and even can eliminate the need to navigate through multiple systems.

In the coming months, Ultimate plans to go beyond the convenience of leveraging LinkedIn profiles with additional integration between the two platforms. This includes plans to allow employers to easily post open opportunities directly from UltiPro to LinkedIn with a simple click. Stay tuned!


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