Thanking All of the People Who Make Ultimate Great

March 2, 2018      By Vivian Maza

Maybe I’m biased, but I have the greatest job in the world. As Ultimate Software’s Chief People Officer, I have the daily privilege of caring for our employees, spending quality time with our teams, and ensuring our programs and companywide culture continue to serve our people.

Ask any one of my colleagues on Ultimate’s leadership team, and you’ll hear the same sentiments. We are incredibly grateful for the thoughtful notes, emails, and tweets we receive from our employees, each expressing their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for Ultimate.

But, we aren’t the ones who deserve the credit—it’s our people.

The more than 4,200 employees who work tirelessly every day to make Ultimate one of the Best Companies to Work For.

Who do whatever it takes to personally serve our customers, and who don’t quit until a question has been answered or a solution has been provided.

Who treat every coworker with the greatest respect, trust, and care, recognizing the critical role each person plays in Ultimate’s success, and appreciating the unique views and experiences every individual brings to our company.

Who believe in our “People First” mission, exemplify our core values, and protect our culture to see that everyone is supported, every day. That everyone has the resources they need to grow as professionals, and to thrive as people.

Who pay it forward by serving our 4,100-plus customers, and countless others in our local communities.

Who we never take for granted, and feel extremely proud and fortunate to call members of our Ultimate family.

For the past 28 years, no matter what challenge we’ve faced or what achievement we’ve celebrated, there’s been one constant at Ultimate: people.

We remain committed to providing the absolute best workplace for our employees—with 100%-paid healthcare premiums, unlimited PTO, and company equity.

We are 100% focused on delivering the most innovative HCM technology, and the industry’s most comprehensive support to our customers—from our portfolio of advanced AI technologies, Xander, to our new UltiPro Connect integration hub.

It’s always been, and always will be, about people. And, at Ultimate, we have the greatest people in the world.

Below is a sampling of the amazing tweets we’ve recently received from our employees. On behalf of the entire Ultimate leadership team, we Thank YOU, our people. Not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but every day.

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  1. Avatar Lauren McGee on October 30, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    WHOA… I am BLOWN AWAY by everything I am reading about Ultimate. Vivian – A HUGE Congratulations on the announcement, this afternoon, about the #1 ranking on Forbes Best Workplaces for Women 2018. That is an incredible accomplishment. I am the Corporate Wellness Coordinator / Quinoa Queen here at Fit Food Fresh out of Boca Raton, where we completely agree with putting people first. We are ranked the #1 Premium Meal Plan Provider in the country (but haven’t made Forbes, yet!)

    I would love to see the offices in Weston! Please give me a call or shoot me an email, when you can.

    Keep up the great work and congratulations, again!

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