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The Evolving Performance Review – #12DaysofHCM

71% of employees say open communication with their manager contributes significantly to job fulfillment. See more on the #12DaysofHCM blog series.

One topic of continued discussion in 2016 was performance appraisals — mainly, what to do about them.

Perhaps the key to implementing engaging and effective performance reviews is starting with a process that’s convenient and productive for all people involved.

Instead of a once-annual, one-way talk, have a meaningful, two-way conversation throughout the year. Start with goal setting, and then plan for routine check-ins and interactive chats on progress. Empowering employees with the ability to track goals, share accomplishments, give feedback, and complete reviews via their preferred devices also helps keep the conversation flowing while providing a more dynamic—and convenient—process.

When it comes to impactful performance reviews in 2017, and in the years ahead, success means keeping the conversation going.