Help Managers Become Better Leaders – #PeopleFirstPodcast Episode 2

July 12, 2016      By Ultimate Software

“As senior leaders in the HR and business community, what should human resources professionals know about developing managers into better leaders?” asks podcast moderator, Sharlyn Lauby. “HR needs to learn how to make the business case for what is needed,” says Jennifer McClure of Unbridled Talent. Rather than saying, “We really need to improve, HR needs to say, ‘This is important to our organization because … and here are the benefits we’ll see.’ Here’s the cost if we don’t and here’s the cost if we do,” she continues.

Ultimate HCM Podcast – Help Managers Become Better Leaders

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about high employee turnover in today’s candidate market and how organizations can reduce turnover and related costs. We realize that most people who quit jobs actually leave because they dislike their boss. In Episode 2 of Ultimate Software’s #PeopleFirstPodcast, we address what HR leaders need to do to share these concerns and solutions in order to get the tools they need to improve management and leadership development in businesses. 

Joining Jennifer on this episode is Pat Pickren, Senior Director of Product Strategy for Ultimate. Both share how recent advances to human capital management can significantly improve management and leadership development by considering what Pat calls “talent drivers”—what motivates individuals to engage in their work every day. Jennifer recommends conversations about “strategic thinking” rather than “daily planning” may help employees learn more about how their role fits in with the business. She believes that employees’ understanding of business needs is essential to enhancing the organization. Pat mentions that technology like UltiPro®’s new Leadership Actions feature can suggest specific ways managers can help improve the performance of individual employees.

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