New Technologies Support Remote Work

December 13, 2019      By Kathleen Pai

Ultimate Takeaway
  • Remote workers are 40% more likely to have been promoted in the past year
  • 90% of remote workers report feeling "very productive" at work
  • Providing flexible opportunities is likely key to recruiting and retaining top talent in the years ahead

As technology evolves and employees seek increased flexibility, more and more companies are embracing remote work as a viable option for getting business done. And, as it turns out, enabling employees to work virtually is yielding positive outcomes for both people and companies.

A recent nationwide study reveals the remote workforce has become the empowered workforce, with virtual employees not just surviving but thriving, sometimes even more so than their in-office colleagues. For example, compared with in-office employees, remote workers are 40% more likely to have been promoted in the past year. Perhaps this is connected to the point that 90% of remote employees report feeling “very productive” at work.

A shift toward more remote work brings adjustments for employees and their employers alike. There are opportunities for greater growth, increased productivity, and overall better bottom-line results. Companies must remain open to this change and be able to adapt, as what defines “the workplace” becomes less traditional.

Fortunately, just as advances in technology for communication and collaboration led the way for remote work, HCM technology’s emerging capabilities—including artificial intelligence and HR service delivery—are able to support HR teams as companies and workforces transform at scale.

In 2020, we are likely to see an even greater number of virtual employees in the workforce. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start welcoming this development. With millennials and Gen Z comprising a growing share of the overall workforce, supporting the demand for remote work could be key to recruiting top talent and retaining high performers in the years ahead.

For more on how you can prepare for this shift, download our whitepaper on Serving the Changing Workforce: How HR Service Delivery Can Help.

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