HR Research Recap: The Most Surprising Findings of 2019

December 11, 2019      By Andrew Taylor

Ultimate Takeaway
  • We worked with trend-setting research firms, including Kelton Global and Lighthouse Research & Advisory, to bring you key insights shaping the world HR
  • Three out of five decision makers regret their choice of HCM provider due to unsatisfying partnerships
  • Advanced sentiment analysis technology identified 14 different emotions from 1,000 survey responses in two days—compared to the three weeks it takes manually

Trying to get 2019’s exciting new HR research and discoveries together in one place can be a bit of a challenge. So, we put them all in one place—our little gift to you this holiday season. Read on to get some of the most important (and surprising) findings to come from this year’s HR research.

The Growing Service Divide: The Surprising Truth Behind HR Software Regret

It turns out that price and product aren’t the most important pieces of a great experience with an HCM software provider. Research shows that the service you receive after signing up with a vendor can make or break how you feel about that relationship.

Kelton Global, a leading global insights firm, looked into this shocking claim to bring you these facts on new HCM adoption:

  • 84% of decision makers today have experienced customer service issues, up 8 percentage points from 2016.
  • 3 in 5 decision makers regret their choice of HCM provider due to unsatisfying partnerships.
  • Average training costs for new HCM software are nearly $9,500, and resources are often inadequate.
  • Around two-thirds of decision makers experience data migration and communication challenges.

If you’re in the market for a new HCM in 2020, now is a great time to start asking your potential vendors what that partnership will look like after you sign on the dotted line. Knowing this information upfront makes for a valuable and long-lasting relationship with your new HCM provider down the line.

Read the full report here.

Augmented Listening: Investigating the Value of AI in Voice of the Employee Efforts

Pulling useful information from employee surveys hasn’t always been easy, so it was one of the first areas of HR that we wanted to make easier for you with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). But the question still remains, how helpful is AI in a real-life situation?

Lighthouse Research & Advisory used our AI-powered survey solution to sort through responses (open-ended responses included) from 1,000 employees, and here’s what they found:

  • Our data science team, unburdened by manual scoring, returned the text analysis within two days, an 87% savings in time (a process that was expected to take up to three weeks).
  • The built-in advanced sentiment analysis identified 14 different emotions in the open text fields of the overall survey responses.
  • The AI-powered survey solution was also able to break down responses by key segments including gender, ethnicity, region, and more.

Lighthouse Research & Advisory also found some other interesting stats when employers were surveyed about their views on the current state of the employee feedback process:

  • A third of firms are surveying employees quarterly, and despite industry buzz around shorter, more frequent “pulse” surveys, only about 4% of total respondents are currently using that approach.
  • Most employers are leveraging both multiple choice and open text responses.
  • 70% said their firms analyze their surveys internally. 30% elect to use an outside consulting firm.
  • While a small fraction of employers receive data in under a week, the majority of employers are waiting between one and six weeks to get survey analyses in hand.
  • 80% of HR leaders would find value in a tool to automatically categorize employee sentiment.

Read the full report here.

What do you think?

If any of these HR research findings seem shocking, let us know in the comments below! Which statistic stood out to you the most?

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