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January 21, 2012      By Scott Scherr

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As an industry—the HR software industry—we’ve come up with an impressive set of names, acronyms and stories to package up what we do. And, every decade or so, we apply new technology—client /server, Web, Cloud, mobile—to make it faster, easier and more accessible. It keeps life exciting in the business software world.

A few months ago, the management team at Ultimate took a step back to look at today’s industry landscape and what we need to do to support our customers over the next five years and beyond. What combinations of features, design, technology, and services should we be focused on?

We came to a pretty simple realization. It’s still all about people—and we must never lose that focus. From day one, we were founded on the profound belief that people drive the business.

As an industry, we’ve achieved huge benefits for customers by automating complicated processes. Calculating payroll, managing hiring, ensuring regular performance reviews—these are things that have become fundamentally easier through good software for administering business. And there are a number of excellent tools available to do it.

But we believe we can do better.

Our belief—and it is a simple idea—is that successful people are the foundation for successful business. People First. We live that every day at Ultimate. And we want to build products that reflect our philosophy. Products that we love to use because they are useful, and that our customers—from that payroll director across to the line of business manager—love to use.

For us, People First is a simple set of rules for how we build products:

  1. We serve people at work—helping them to connect, collaborate, organize and measure themselves to achieve business results.
  2. Since helping people achieve and collaborate is our #1 priority, administration should be the responsibility of the system.
  3. HR solutions should be a network of engagement. If we support the real connections between people, we can learn more about the business AND increase performance at the same time.
  4. The system of record is a great foundation for all of the above.

So as we continue to design, develop and evolve Ultimate products, we’re committing to remember the individual and our responsibility to help them achieve success—whether they are part of a team, managing a project, running a payroll, or leading an organization.

We want to use this forum as a way to share ideas and to learn. We’ve got some good thoughts (and some interesting projects in the Labs too) and we’re looking forward to insight from our customers, our partners, and our peers. Thanks for joining us!


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