Social Recognition – Motivation for 21st Century

October 8, 2012      By Ultimate Software

How do you like to be recognized? How do you recognize others?

In my previous company if someone went above and beyond, I sent a note to their manager and CC:ed them via email. And that was it. When someone sent me a “job well done” compliment to my inbox I saved it in my “GOOD FOR YOU” folder (not kidding – it was really called this). If I was feeling disengaged, I would pull up that folder and bask in the glory of the work I had been recognized for the quarter before. If it was something really great, I might have been given a monetary reward or similar. Maybe this sounds familiar…

Fast-forward a few years and social networking is now mixed in with our workplace communication tools, providing us with yet another channel for communicating recognition. So how do you do this? How do you recognize your employees with social tools? And how do they want to be recognized?

For some people a great and powerful motivator is public recognition. Now I use Yammer, our enterprise social networking tool, to let everyone know about the great job that one of my coworkers has done. Within Yammer, I can easily “Praise” any member of my Yammer network. I can also receive Praises from others as well. You can post the Praise to the whole network or to a specific group. And similarly in email, you can also copy their manager. The difference with Yammer, or social tools in general, is that the community has the opportunity to speak up and chime in as well as learn from what others are doing well.

Here’s why we’re so excited about our partnership with Ultimate. The Yammer and UltiPro integration takes the power of peer recognition a step further and feeds these praises right to your talent profile, providing for an ongoing, collaborative review process. I don’t know about you, but I’m instantly motivated and engaged when I know that my contributions to my team and organization are recognized. To learn more check out – Ultimate Software and Yammer Bring Together Collaboration and Workforce Performance Management.

So, the next time you go to give someone some recognition think about how to socialize it with the rest of your organization.  What are you doing today to make your reward and recognition programs 21st century? How are you keeping your employees engaged through these programs?  Please share!


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