A Thriving Community Built on Collaboration

October 5, 2016      By Julie Dodd

In celebration of Customer Service Week, October 3–7, we share the following post highlighting the importance of collaboration—a cornerstone component of Ultimate Software’s commitment to service and to ensuring our customers’ continued success.

In our more than 25 years as a “People First” company, we’ve created a culture of collaboration throughout Ultimate Software. It’s an atmosphere that thrives on the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience among our employees—harnessed together through teamwork to spark innovation. Because we believe collaboration and innovation are key for continued success.

Likewise, we’ve established a collaborative environment for all of our customers: the UltiPro® User Communities. Part of our extensive Customer Success Portal, the UltiPro User Communities provide our customers with a virtual place to share best practices, to network, and to strengthen their knowledge of Ultimate’s products and services by learning from fellow UltiPro users, and from US.

UltiPro User CommunitiesThese communities offer the familiar feel and functionality we’ve all come to expect from social media, such as the ability to post fresh content (e.g., upload files, include hyperlinks), like and share others’ posts, and set up polls to learn users’ thoughts on specific topics.

Though Ultimate has provided this interactive space, the UltiPro User Communities are very much managed and sustained by our customers. There are dozens of diverse communities led by passionate UltiPro users, among more than 4,500 active community members, who contribute over 8,000 insightful posts annually. There are even community meetings held by and for members, so users can interact regularly and further discuss the latest UltiPro news and features.

“The User Communities are a valuable resource for idea sharing and practical advice from real-world users like myself, who work in UltiPro daily. More experienced users can offer insight to those new to UltiPro, while gaining even more expertise as we discuss our own creative solutions to day-to-day challenges and unique situations. I enjoy giving others the benefit of my experience and helping them learn the ropes, and will often stumble upon solutions to my own challenges in the process. No matter your experience level, there is always something new to learn in UltiPro, and the User Communities offer a collective wealth of  knowledge right at your fingertips!”—Teresa Hennessy, Pro Mach, Inc.

The UltiPro User Communities are another way we put our customers first, empower them, and—most importantly for effective collaboration—listen to them. Because it’s not just new ways for using UltiPro that’s being shared daily within the communities, it’s also great ideas for new UltiPro features. In fact, of the more than 360 UltiPro enhancements implemented in the past year, over 80 came from customer ideas.

And while our customers ultimately lead the communities, develop the content, and steer the conversations, our Subject Matter Experts remain close by and available to answer any special questions, and to contribute helpful and timely information.

“No matter what the question is, there is always someone there to answer it. A member will usually provide a solution or possibly come up with an alternative way of thinking about the problem. Not only are users involved in the User Communities, but Ultimate itself contributes by addressing questions unanswered or by being proactive, such as informing people of upcoming compliance issues. This partnership between all of the parties makes the User Communities an integral part of our HR solutions.”—Andrew Skolnick, March of Dimes

After all, Ultimate, UltiPro, and our User Communities were all built on collaboration. We all continue to thrive—together—because of it.


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