Ultimate Software and Customers — Partners for Life

July 27, 2015      By Bill Hicks

Ultimate Software began 25 years ago with a mission of creating the industry’s best HR software—because we believe people are the heart of every organization. That’s why we always put people first.

Our people-first philosophy permeates our culture to its core, drives the strategy behind our product design, and serves as the foundation for our customer relationships. We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled service to each and every one of the more than 2,800 organizations, with employees in 160 countries, using our award-winning cloud solution, UltiPro®.

Just as UltiPro works for people in diverse locations, across a spectrum of industries, we believe customer service should know no bounds and should always transcend expectations. It should act as the anchor in a fulfilling relationship. That’s why we view our customers not as users of our software, but as our partners for life.

As with any partnership, success comes from collaboration and communication.

Ultimate Software is committed to providing preeminent human capital management (HCM) solutions that seamlessly connect people with the information and resources they need to work more effectively. We devote 83% of our employees to development and services. We consistently invest 20% of our annual revenue into enhancing our products and services.

Ultimate Software ServicesOur customers, in turn, make us better. They share ideas for UltiPro through an interactive Ideas Portal. They help us to continuously improve and deliver the HR, payroll, talent, compensation, and time and labor management solutions that not only help them achieve, but surpass their business goals.

Twice a year, our customers also provide inclusive assessments of their experiences with UltiPro through our satisfaction survey. In the spring and fall, we distribute more than 25,000 surveys to all of our current customers, including several end-users from each organization.

In addition to rating-based questions on satisfaction, we ask a series of open-ended questions, further encouraging our customers to provide candid and thorough responses. We view these surveys as learning opportunities. We want to know specifically how well we’re supporting our customers, what we can improve upon, and what more we can do to ensure continued satisfaction.

Our survey focuses on three, key areas: overall satisfaction with UltiPro and Ultimate’s services, feelings about the solution’s individual features, and whether UltiPro is worthy of a recommendation. While all three categories are essential, we feel the third—loyalty—is perhaps the most powerful way of measuring our success.

We are proud to report that an exceptional 93% of our customers say they would recommend UltiPro to a colleague.

This metric is noteworthy because it transcends feelings of overall satisfaction with our technology and represents an endorsement of our brand. To us, this endorsement is the ultimate compliment—one we wholeheartedly value, we never take for granted, and we never stop working to earn.

In HR, an employee referral is as much a testament to the candidate’s qualifications as it is the organization. The referring employee loves where they work so much, they would recommend it to their friends and family.

Likewise, our customers have realized such positive gains from using UltiPro and working with us, they would tell others who are looking to achieve similar success. They believe in UltiPro and Ultimate. They know firsthand the power of people-first technology.

This includes customers such as Warren Equipment Company, who provides products and services to the oil and gas, power generation, construction, and agricultural industries, and has employees based in several U.S. states. Brian Gee, senior human resources manager at Warren Equipment Company, had used UltiPro in his role as project manager and senior IT analyst at his previous organization.

When the time came for Warren Equipment Company to select HCM software capable of reducing their costly inefficiencies, unifying multiple people-related processes, and providing configurable functionality that would work for the company’s entire workforce, Brian knew UltiPro was the perfect solution.

Not only did he tell his colleagues about UltiPro and Ultimate Software, Brian let them see the differences for themselves.

“When my director toured headquarters and received a card about Ultimate’s commitment to customer trust, we knew that there was something significant behind that,” Brian recalls. “I believe that the extraordinary customer care we have received with Ultimate is indicative of their core values, and I know that Warren Equipment Company has found a great partner.”

We understand, however, that when organizations are evaluating HCM vendors to find the best solution for realizing their business goals, they’re interested in more than just a vendor’s perspective and the customers’ opinions they present.

That’s why we encourage our prospective customers to consult the vast array of objective, third-party review platforms and research firms that provide detailed feedback and independent analysis of HCM vendors’ products and services, such as G2 Crowd.

In the latest ratings from G2 Crowd’s Core HR Vendor Grid, an ongoing, side-by-side comparison of vendors in the HCM market, Ultimate holds a 95 out of 100 for customer satisfaction. This rating earned UltiPro the highest overall Satisfaction and Market Presence scores among all HR software providers.

Results are based on more than 100 reviews independently submitted by end-users of our software. Similar to posting about products and services on Yelp, these everyday users feel so strongly about UltiPro, they’ve taken the time to contribute personal and public reviews.

While we are proud of our 93% customer recommendation, 95% customer-retention rate, and of earning such satisfactory ratings from our customers and market analysts, we remain 100% committed to providing the industry’s foremost HCM solutions and most comprehensive services. We are always striving for perfection.

That’s an unconditional promise to all of our people—our employees who design, deliver, and support UltiPro, the people who use UltiPro every day, and the people who will continue to partner and grow with Ultimate Software through and beyond the next 25 years.


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