Ultimate Software + PeopleDoc = A Very Happy Holiday Season — #12DaysofHCM

December 14, 2018      By Andrew Taylor

The holidays have a way of bringing people together, and we’re proud that we can celebrate this holiday season with another amazing organization, PeopleDoc. Earlier this year, Ultimate Software acquired PeopleDoc as a wholly owned subsidiary in a union that couldn’t have been more fitting.

The HR startup, founded by Jonathan Benhamou and Clément Buyse in 2007, has established their expertise in HR service delivery technology that works seamlessly on behalf of an organization’s HR team. Coupled with Ultimate’s cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution, UltiPro®, organizations are being ushered into an era of seamless automation and even greater cloud accessibility.

While each organization has their own unique way of servicing the HR and payroll communities, Ultimate Software and PeopleDoc both share the desire to make a positive difference in the world that begins with putting people first. Together, the collective knowledge and vision of the two organizations will transform the landscape of HCM.

See just how well these two cultures fit together with a few words from the founders of PeopleDoc:


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