Creating a “People First” User Experience – #PeopleFirstPodcast Episode 3

July 28, 2016      By Ultimate Software

At Ultimate Software, “People First” refers to more than just how we treat our employees—it’s also the driving force behind our award-winning human capital management solution, UltiPro®. Lead Ethnographer, Lisa Bloss, and User Experience (UX) Manager, Matt Cowley, joined moderator Sharlyn Lauby on #PeopleFirstPodcast Episode 3 to discuss how we create a “People First” software design and why it should matter to human resources.

Ultimate HCM Podcast – Creating a People First UX Design 

Lisa is one of a handful of ethnographers in the HR technology space. In this episode, she shares how her “role is to look at the big picture of who our customers and potential customers are…to learn about their work, what they love about their work, what challenges them about their work, and then how UltiPro fits into that. We spend a lot of our time out at our customer sites learning about who each individual is. We talk to everybody from a front-line manager, a laborer, to the CEO of an organization,” says Lisa.

Matt details how we design new UltiPro features: we start with the research we learn from Lisa’s team, customer feedback, and industry trends; then a group of designers meets with our Products Team to determine what problems we must solve for our users and their businesses, and then how our designs allow users to solve those problems and accomplish their goals; finally, we get real-user feedback before rolling the product out to all customers. “We are really trying to advocate for the user, whoever they may be, to help them get done the thing that they need to do,” says Matt.

To learn more about the HR technology design process, how experts measure the “user experience,” the importance of designing solutions for mobile, and more, listen in to Episode 3 at Feel free to share it with friends with the hashtag #PeopleFirstPodcast. Tell us what you think by tweeting @UltimateHCM with the hashtag #PeopleFirstPodcast or by emailing us at [email protected]. Ask about our VIP Podcast Community today.

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