A Week of Service with Rebuilding Together Helps Change Lives Forever

September 25, 2019      By Vivian Maza

Ultimate Takeaway
  • This week, we celebrated our third annual National Week of UltiService with Rebuilding Together
  • Rebuilding Together's mission is to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives
  • Encouraging community service and social responsibility leads to an even stronger corporate culture

Having been a part of Ultimate Software from the very beginning of our 29-year history, I’ve been privileged to share in so many amazing and memorable experiences. While every day still feels like I’m living a dream, some days really stand out.

Serving Together, Rebuilding Together

This week marks one of my favorite weeks of the year, as we host our Third-Annual National Week of UltiService with Rebuilding Together. All of us at Ultimate are so fortunate to be where we are today, and we try to pay it forward in as many ways possible through volunteer service, charitable giving, and always doing the right thing—for our people, our customers, and our communities.

Through our ongoing partnership with the nonprofit Rebuilding Together, we’re working to improve the lives of low-income families and people in need. This week, hundreds of Ultimate employees at our offices across the country—from South Florida; to Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia; to New York City; to Santa Ana and San Francisco, California—will participate in daily community service events. They’ll take part in various beautification projects to help restore several homes. They’ll paint, garden, and landscape.

Above all, they’ll make a difference. They’ll take the first step in changing a person’s life.

And that’s what this is about. We come together as one to help countless others. We use our unique skills and strengths to provide a special service. It doesn’t matter what our individual roles might be inside the office. Outside, in the community, we’re all focused on one goal: giving.

These are challenging times for many. Look around, and you’ll see there’s no shortage of people in need or who can use an extra boost. Sometimes, it’s lending a physical hand. Often, it’s taking time to just listen. To let someone know you’re there for them. That you’ll always have their back.

Change often starts with a simple movement.

Encouraging Social Responsibility

At Ultimate, we provide our employees with three paid service days a year, so they can take time to support and give to the charities and causes they care about the most. They can put their usual work aside for a few days, and really focus on serving the community. Take those days, multiply them by thousands of employees, and the hours really start to add up. The difference made is immeasurable.

No matter who we are, where we come from, or what we do, we all have the opportunity to help millions of people. No selfless act is too small. No donated dollar wasted. Sometimes, it’s as simple as grabbing a brush and painting a wall.

Sometimes, a week’s worth of service can make a lifetime of difference.

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