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What is HR Service Delivery Technology?

Before we can talk about HR Service Delivery technology, let’s first get familiar with HR Service Delivery. If the term is new to you, fear not: the function it serves is anything but.

HR provides a wide range of services to various stakeholders throughout the company. Whether an employee wants to know the company policy on acceptable attire or has a more complex issue that requires a personalized touch, HR is responsible for making these services accessible throughout the organization. All of these services fall under the HR Service Delivery umbrella.

What is HR Service Delivery technology?

HR Service Delivery technology is just one possible answer to the question of how HR services will be delivered. While many HR departments rely on phone calls, emails, and office hours to serve their workforce, HR Service Delivery technology is the technological infrastructure that allows managers and employees to easily access the HR information they need, right when they need it. HR Service Delivery technology makes this happen in a seamless and intuitive way—it’s the missing piece of the HR Service Delivery puzzle.

Why is HR Service Delivery technology important?

With the numerous services that HR must provide to their workforce, relying on email threads and phone calls alone can be cumbersome and downright confusing—especially as your workforce continues to grow. HR Service Delivery technology simultaneously reduces administrative clutter and the number of incoming requests. For example, providing company-wide self-service access to relevant documents and company information can immediately eliminate many calls to HR. Beyond that, empowering your workforce to see the history and status of HR-related questions they need resolved can put them at ease knowing that their situation is being addressed.

Who benefits from HR Service Delivery technology?

Like all valuable HR solutions, HR Service Delivery technology aims to increase efficiency and reduce administrative overhead while simultaneously creating a better work experience for your employees. With less to worry about on the administrative front, HR is free to focus on their core functions and strategic vision.

Additionally, HR Service Delivery technology in the cloud is accessible to everyone from anywhere. With 43% of the American workforce spending some time working remotely, HR services are no longer restricted to in-offices use. Employees throughout the organization, whether they are working from the comfort of their couch or another country, all need the support of the HR department. HR Service Delivery technology makes that possible, while ensuring that the experience is both seamless and enjoyable.